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Real Estate & Closing Services

Real EstateOur Firm represents lenders, servicers, purchasers, sellers, landlords and tenants. Whether you are buying or selling a commercial property or negotiating a lease, we can give you experienced tailored legal representation. Specifically, we have experience in: loan acquisition and negotiation, including construction financing and mezzanine financing; lease negotiations, subleases and assignments, management agreements, brokerage agreements and listing agreements.

In addition to being an experienced real estate lawyer, Eleni is also a licensed real estate agent and understands all aspects of a real estate transaction, including the complexity of the laws and regulations associated therewith. It is critical that the attorney representing you has experience in all aspects of transferring property, including inspections, mitigating liens, mortgages, title conveyance and any disclosures. Being well-informed and prepared is essential so that any potential issues are timely handled well in advance of your closing date.

Our Florida real estate office has represented borrowers, commercial banks and private lenders in various types of commercial and real estate financing, including but not limited to: asset based loans, construction loans, stock based loans, equipment leasing, non-recourse and mezzanine financing.

We can guide you through the process of acquiring or selling real estate, by reviewing, drafting, negotiating and finalizing your residential or commercial real estate contract. We are also available to attend closings and act as your closing agent.

The Firm works with ACES Title Insurance Agency. Their title and closing agents offer complete title review and title insurance. Prior to your real estate closing, a complete title search will be conducted, which includes:

  • Identify any possible encumbrances that could diminish the value of the property;
  • A full review of liens, mortgages, escrows, easements and other real estate records;
  • Advice on obtaining title insurance;
  • Discuss options if encumbrances are identified, including withdrawal from sale or negotiations with the seller or owner of the property.

Title insurance is intended to provide property investors with the assurance that they will be protected from financial loss due to title defects by ensuring reimbursement for losses if a claim against the property were to arise. If title insurance was purchased on the property, the title would be protected up to the amount of insurance provided by the title insurance policy.

The Firm can provide full title review and title insurance legal services by assisting you prior to closing with all title search requirements. This includes the review of any liens, mortgages, escrows, easements and other matters of record; we will also advise you on title insurance matters. If unacceptable encumbrances are identified in the review process we will meet with you to discuss your options moving forward in the sale or if withdrawal from the sale would be more beneficial.

There are many factors that go into determining financial terms for a real estate project. It is important to have an attorney who understands each factor that goes into this equation. Eleni can help you:

  • Review and negotiate financial documents to ensure that terms of the contract are satisfactory
  • Identify and review financing options
  • Represent the borrower in closing of lines of credit, construction loans, development loans, and permanent loans
  • Attend or conduct closings with lenders and borrowers
  • Facilitate short sales, workouts, and loan restructuring

Client Testimonials

“We own a small daycare business in south Florida and have used the legal service of Eleni Pantaridis for contract review, employment law and a host of other questions. We have found her to be very responsive, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. We have used other lawyers in the past – most of them overall good; however, we are very satisfied and plan to continue using Eleni for our legal requirements. She is also not egotistical in her approach. She explains things in a logical “down to earth manner” and will let you know if she is not an expert in the field offering recommendations on who you may want to contact. We would recommend using her services.’


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