Escrow Services
Escrow Services

Escrow Services

Helping the Escrow and Closing Process Go Smoothly in South Florida Real Estate Transactions

Escrow is a critical part of many residential and commercial real estate closings. Escrow means that a third party with no interest in the transaction holds funds until all terms of the transaction are fulfilled. Once this happens, the funds are released from the escrow account to the property seller.

Escrow disputes or complications can have an adverse impact on any type of real estate transaction. It is important to have an experienced escrow services lawyer in Boca Raton assisting with the closing process, in part to ensure the escrow process goes as expected. Contact the Law Office of Eleni Noble Zarbalas, P.A., for assistance with escrow and closing throughout Broward County or Palm Beach County.

Addressing Possible Escrow Disputes

During closing, it is important to have a legal professional overseeing the transaction to ensure that funds and contracts are distributed from escrow as they should be. If closing does not occur as planned, escrow disputes can quickly arise. Disputes often involve multiple claims to earnest money or other funds in the escrow account.

It is important to have a skilled attorney working to resolve escrow disputes as efficiently as possible. This involves carefully reviewing the purchase and sale contract and advising parties of their rights. Our law firm represents buyers or sellers in escrow matters, and we know how to protect your rights to funds you deserve.

Discuss Your Transaction with an Escrow Services Lawyer in Boca Raton

If you have an upcoming real estate closing or questions involving escrow, the Law Office of Eleni Noble Zarbalas, P.A., can assist you. We can help with every step of real estate transactions, so please consult with a Boca Raton escrow services lawyer as soon as possible.