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Foreclosure Defense

Loan ModificiationAre you worried about losing your home because you’re falling behind on your mortgage payments?

If you have been served with a Foreclosure Complaint, you should have an Attorney represent you. An Answer and Affirmative Defenses has to be filed within 20 days of a Complaint and Lis Pendens being served, otherwise, you risk losing your home.  Time is of the essence.

During the pendency of a Foreclosure action, you have several options in dismissing the Foreclosure action. The option you choose depends on whether you would like to keep your home or walk away. You always have the option to apply for a Mortgage Modification or Short Sale, even if you do not have a pending Foreclosure action. A Foreclosure Defense Lawyer can give you advice during your FREE CONSULTATION.

Once we review your unique circumstances, we can tailor a solution based on what you would like to do. If you have a valid claim or defense, you should hire an attorney to defend you and raise any affirmative defenses on your behalf to buy you as much time as possible.

During the pendency of the foreclosure proceeding, we will determine which potential solutions can help you resolve the foreclosure action, depending on what you want, such as: Short Sale, Deed in Lieu, Loss Mitigation, Forbearance or Refinance.

Why is due process in foreclosure proceeding important? Find out in this video.

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“Ms.Pantaridis is by far one of the best attorney’s that I have come across. She is on top of her game by all means. Ms. Pantaridis has handled my real estate problem with ease and pure efficiency. She is highly knowledgeable and has extensive understanding about any real estate problems one might have. I would highly recomend her legal services to anyone.”


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