Real Estate Transfer Deeds
Real Estate Transfer Deeds

Real Estate Transfer Deeds

Helping Clients Successfully Transfer Property in South Florida

The deed to real estate indicates who is the owner of a particular piece of property. The deed should properly describe the property in question, as well as correctly specify the names of the current and previous owners. When it comes time to sell, bequeath, or otherwise give property to a new owner, the deed needs to be properly transferred. It is always wise to seek the assistance of a real estate transfer deeds lawyer in Boca Raton to ensure this process is completed as it should be. Contact the Law Office of Eleni Noble Zarbalas, P.A., if you need assistance.

Transferring Deeds

You cannot lawfully transfer property from one party to another without doing so in writing. Deed transfers often involve one of the following:

Quitclaim deed transfer – This type of transfer “quits” the prior owner’s interest in the property. The prior owner is referred to as the “grantor,” and they can use a quitclaim deed to fully transfer ownership interests to the new owner, known as the “grantee.”

Warranty deed transfer – This deed transfer not only transfers ownership interests but also involves the promise that the person transferring the deed has good and clear title to the property. If it turns out that a clear title does not exist, the transferor will need to compensate the transferee. There might be other guarantees involved in a warranty deed, as well, to prevent problems with the transfer.

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When you need to transfer ownership of property, whether as part of a real estate sale, inheritance, or gift, you should contact the Law Office of Eleni Noble Zarbalas, P.A. Find out how our Boca Raton real estate transfer deeds attorney can help the process go smoothly.