Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Finding Solutions to Real Estate Disputes in South Florida

Real estate transactions are complex matters, often with significant funds at stake. When parties disagree or allege a breach of contract, the disputes can become hostile very quickly. If parties cannot agree on how to resolve the matter, one party might escalate the matter and take it to court. Litigation can be time-consuming, costly, and stressful for everyone involved, but fortunately, there are often other options to resolve the dispute in a mutually agreeable manner while saving resources.

If you are involved in a real estate dispute of any kind, discuss your options with the Law Office of Eleni Noble Zarbalas, P.A. Find out how a real estate alternative dispute resolution attorney in Boca Raton can help.

ADR Options

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods aim for parties to resolve a matter without going to court. In many cases, a real estate contract will require parties to use a specific ADR method instead of filing a lawsuit, and our attorney can review your contract and advise you of the proper path to take. The common ADR methods for real estate disputes include:

  • Mediation – The parties meet with a neutral mediator who facilitates compromise between the parties.
  • Arbitration – The parties present their arguments to an arbitrator who decides how to resolve the matter.

Both methods can result in legally-binding resolutions without the time and expense associated with going to trial.

Discuss Your Situation with a Real Estate Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyer in Boca Raton

The Law Office of Eleni Noble Zarbalas, P.A., works with clients to find solutions to conflicts through ADR when possible. If a real estate dispute is arising, you should not wait to discuss the matter with a Boca Raton real estate alternative dispute resolution attorney. We serve clients throughout Broward County and Palm Beach County.