Home Inspections in Florida

Home Inspections in Florida

Home Inspections in Florida

Florida law defines a home inspection as a “limited visual examination” of certain components and systems of a home. When you schedule a home inspection, a licensed home inspector should examine the structure of the home, electrical systems, roofs, plumbing, HVAC systems, and other interior and exterior components of the home. It is important for anyone seeking to buy a condo or a home in South Florida to have reliable inspection results before they close on their deal.

The following are some important reasons why you should have an inspection by a trusted professional. To discuss your specific situation, contact a real estate lawyer in Boca Raton directly.

Having a written opinion – A written report will clearly inform you of the condition of the home, as well as serve as a negotiating tool with the seller for repairs or credits.

Discovering hidden defects – While disclosure of defects is required by law, not all sellers or agents will abide by this duty. Inspections can uncover hidden defects, so you know exactly the state of the home you are purchasing.

Flood damage – South Florida homes are at a high risk of flooding from tropical storms and hurricanes, and flooding can cause many widespread issues in the home. Inspections can detect signs of prior flooding, so you know the risk of future floods.

Detecting termites, mold, radon, and more – There are many possible problems with a home that can be a danger to your health or to the integrity of the home structure. These are often invisible to the naked eye, and an inspector can reveal these complex issues.

Double-checking repairs – If you negotiated certain repairs in your sales contract, an inspector can double-check that the repairs were properly completed.

Contact a Real Estate Lawyer in Boca Raton for Assistance

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